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Janet Rundquist
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Medium: Oil & Mixed Medium
When I create a piece of artwork, I’m on an intuitive journey, coalescing the raw spirit of the natural world with the experiences, emotions, vulnerabilities and wonderments one can only  nd there.  rough texture, form and translucent layering of paint, one can sense mysteries, challenging forces and movement. Member of the Evergreen Artists Assoc.
Directions: 30746 Bryant Drive #404
From Hwy 74 (Evergreen Parkway), turn West on Bryant Drive to the Evergreen Artisan Park. Follow the road to the top, then turn left. My studio is toward the East end of the building. Unit 404, light green door.
303.808.1047 •
JJ Hawks
I’m an abstract artist, using bright  owing sometime extreme colors combinations. I also love combining wood into art for a 3 dim. look, I never use brushes preferring other methods to distribute paint. I love nothing more than to hang art in homes or businesses where they’ll be loved for many years. PAINT, HANG, SIGN
Directions: 76 Pinewood Drive
From Hwy 74 take 103 or Squaw Pass toward Mt. Evans, go 7 miles, turn left on Witter Gulch go approx. 1⁄2 mile to Pinewood Dr. turn right - keep right, stay on paved driveway - green house at top of driveway.
303.668.7061 •
Medium: Acrylic, Ink, Wood, Resin
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