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O&A Ivanov
Medium: Egg Tempera , Oil,Pastel, Watercolor
Our intense classical art education in Russia provided us with an exceptionally strong foundation for our artwork—a springboard we use to translate the modern world around us. We both work on every painting and have done so in total harmony for a quarter of a century.
Directions: 856 Hyland Drive
Exit I-70 Beaver Brook Floyd Hill, then 3 minutes to Hyland Drrive 856
See Map Pages 22-23
720.412.0135 •
Beverly Endsley
Medium: Oil & Sketches
See Map Pages 22-23
A classically trained artist, Beverly Endsley
has allowed her love of animals to guide the direction of her art. She uses her impressionistic style to capture the behaviors and personalities of her models, allowing the uniqueness of each animal to be showcased. Commissions are welcomed.
Directions: 32789 Woodland Drive
From 74 turn West on CR65. Take the  rst left onto Woodland Dr. Stay on Woodland Dr., passing the intersection for Deep Forest. My studio is the next home driveway on the right.
303.588.1087 •

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