Welcome to our 2022 tourbook ! You can click the below graphic to view as a flipbook online or download as a pdf file...

Our Full Color Tourbook is Your Guide

Click the graphic above, or this link, to open a full screen interactive "flipbook" pdf of our Open Door Studios tourbook! You'll be able to page through the book, print it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In and other social media sites~


Ah, technology... it does take a few minutes to load but it's worth it!


However, if you do not have Flash (by Adobe - free at www.adobe.com), or you just prefer something a bit less newfangled, you can opt to download a printable pdf file by clicking this link.


We print and distribute 10,000 full color tourbooks each year so please plan to pick up a printed copy at a local retailer, gallery, coffee shop, art center or from one of our artists. All of our sponsors and advertisers have a supply of tourbooks throughout the summer, beginning early July.